Santa Ana Couch

Santa Ana Couch is the finest of our couch varieties and makes a great disease resistant lawn. Suited to sunny locations or areas with 10%-20% shade throughout the day and best used in high traffic areas such as sporting grounds. Santa Ana is a lighter shade of green compared to the other varieties.

Santa Ana is a warm season grass that spreads runners above and below the ground. It is tough and durable and looks best when mown short. Santa Ana can be mowed down to a height of between 8mm and 20mm and will continue to prosper.

Santa Ana couch grass is a popular turf variety used for sports fields, home lawns, public spaces ,golf courses and general utility turf throughout Australia and many parts of the world. It is a very drought tolerant grass that will withstand extended periods of drought. Santa Ana will tolerate medium to heavy traffic and is quick to self-repair.

Turf Characteristics

  • Hardwearing and self repairing
  • Super fine rolling texture
  • Best lawn for low mowing
  • Deep root system
  • Superior drought tolerance
  • Grows best in full sun situations
  • Will tolerate high traffic especially if grown in full sun
  • Good resistance to disease and weeds
  • Tolerates most herbicides
  • Has a short dormancy period in the New South Wales over winter (depending upon frost frequency)