Kikuyu is a good, hardy, low maintenance lawn, it grows vigorously in the summer months therefore this variety of turf recovers well from wear and tear. Most suitable for high traffic areas. Kikuyu has best results in full sun and does not grow well in the shade.

Kikuyu us an easy care, hard wearing turfgrass with a medium texture and yellow, green colour. When well watered, fed and mown regularly it’s great for large areas, but it can become invasive, and therefore not suitable for small areas. It keeps its colour in the winter months but needs to be maintained in the summer months as it is a fast grower.

Kikuyu is extremely water efficient, salt tolerant and ideal where drought and wear tolerance are paramount. Its resistance to disease and weeds is good. Kikuyu turf thrives in sunny conditions.

Turf Characteristics

  • Fast growing, hardy and likes good drainage
  • Will grow in most soil types
  • Excellent turf for playing fields, schools, footpaths, pre-schools and backyards
  • Very strong grass, soft to sit on
  • Very economical for replacement if turf wears out
  • Good for erosion control