Greenlees Park Couch

Greenlees Park Couch is a fine-leafed dwarf variety of lawn which grows well in dry, sunny to lightly shaded areas. Greenlees Park Couch can be mowed with any mower but best results are achieved when a cylinder mower is used. This turf has a dark green colour and retains this colour well during winter, but will be affected by the frost.

Greenlees Park Couch is a low maintenance lawn great for home or commercial lawn providing a deep contrasting colour. Greenlees Park is resistant to hard wear and tear and is recommended for Golf Courses and Sports Grounds. It tolerates low mowing and is therefore also suitable for cricket grounds, tennis courts and bowling greens. Greenlees Park Couch is excellent for low maintenance areas such as parks, roadside verges, soil stabilisation and urban fill areas.

Turf Characteristics

  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent heat tolerance
  • Good density
  • Grows in full sun requiring a minimum of 5 hours sun
  • Grows horizontally and forms a very firm surface which will tolerate high wear
  • Low shade tolerance
  • Good winter colour retention
  • Tolerates low mowing
  • High tolerance to most herbicide