Fertilising your Turf

For healthy, vigorous good looking lawn, fertilise every 6 – 8 weeks

Why should I Fertilise?
A healthy fertilized lawn remains uniform and maintains its original grass species and is weed free.

The regular growth of a well fertilised lawn helps decrease the amount of mowing.

Well fed lawn is stronger and less susceptible to diseases, stress and damage.

When should I Fertilise?
Wait at least 5 weeks after installation to fertilise your new lawn. A regular routine of fertilising every 6 – 8 weeks should then be implemented.

Fertilising heavily in autumn (March and April) to ensure the lawn stays strong as it goes into winter. Winter can be a peak stress time.

Early winter heavy fertilising will keep the lawn as green as possible for as long as possible.

What sort of Fertiliser should I use?
Lawn fertilisers are very different from standard garden fertilisers. Choose a lawn fertiliser that has about twice as much nitrogen as potassium, but with only 1-2% phosphorous.

Call us so that we can recommend the best possible fertiliser to keep your lawn looking strong and healthy. This is especially important with the soft leaf buffalo as the best product for these varieties is a slow release fertilizer such as Sir Walter fertilizer, which is available for purchase from our farm.

How should I apply the Fertiliser?
Spread the fertiliser evenly with a gloved hand or with a hand trolley. Water the fertiliser in immediately to prevent it burning the grass.